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Bob Lindquist is a veteran of at least 2,000 cases in a career spanning four decades. His investigations have taken him to far-flung locations such as China, the Caribbean, Europe, South America and Africa. 

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"Strong analytical abilities with an investigative intuitiveness…"

For four decades, Counsel have routinely entrusted LINDQUIST with highly sensitive and critical information on behalf of their clients to conduct financial investigations in a variety of domestic and international businesses and matters serving the public interest. In addition, the governments of several foreign countries have entrusted LINDQUIST   with sensitive and high profile internal investigations. Examples follow where first name is the ultimate client noting industry and service:

Anwar, et al., v. Fairfield Greenwich Ltd, et al. re: Bernie Madoff, New York
Securities Investor Fraud

Petroleo Brasileiro SA, Brazil et al vs. U. S. Fidelity et al, New York
Oil & Gas Surety Claim

IBM, Armonk, New York
Manufacturing Bid-Rigging, Management Fraud 

Juan Jose Gutierrez Mayorga, et al vs. LISA, Guatemala
Manufacturing Financial Advisor

National Hockey League Players' Association, Toronto
Sports Entertainment Financial Advisor

Dormant Bank Accounts of Victims of the Holocaust, Switzerland
Financial Institution Asset Search

The World Bank Group, Washington DC
Financial Institution Bid-Rigging

Central Bank of Trinidad vs. CL Financial et al, a $10 Billion Bailout
Financial Institution, Insurance Management Fraud, Asset Search

Government of Romania vs. former President Nicolai Ceausescu
Government Political Corruption, Asset Search

Government of Antigua vs. former Prime Minister Lester Bird et al
Government Political Corruption, Asset Search

Government of Trinidad vs. Minister Johnny O Halloran, Mr. 10%
Government Political Corruption, Bribery, Asset Search

LINDQUISTFORENSICS.COM "Selected Cases" from each decade provide insight into LINDQUIST's case experiences.  His financial investigative mindset combines strong analytical abilities with an investigative intuitiveness to ferret out key issues and the related evidentiary support. BOB LINDQUIST 571 233 1811!


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